Bella Rose Pageantry - Natural Beauty Pageants

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Bella Rose Pageantry is a NATURAL PAGEANT SYSTEM. If it’s fake, leave it at home. No artificial hair, eyelashes, or teeth are allowed unless medically necessary (please contact pageant director if you need special accommodations). Participants under 7 years of age MAY NOT use make-up. Clear lip gloss is acceptable. Participants 7 years old and older may use light make-up. Please keep a natural look. Dark eye make-up is discouraged as it takes away from a child’s natural beauty.


Formal/Beauty wear can be any dress that can be worn to church or special functions such as weddings. Cupcake dresses and glitz dresses are strictly prohibited. Dresses seen in TV pageants are usually not good for Bella Rose Pageantry. If in doubt, please contact us for help. Judges are given the instruction to use their discretion in scoring if they feel a contestant is in violation of our standards.

Participants ages 13-19 can have fake manicured nails in a natural color. Toes and fingernails can be painted.



Good sportsmanship is expected of all contestants at all times from the time you check in until you leave our pageant. Good manners are expected from all participants, their family and guests. Not doing so at any time will result in dismissal from the pageant and forfeiture of competition, titles and awards. Participant fees WILL NOT be refunded if you are disqualified due to misconduct. Please inform friends and relatives of our Conduct Policy.



Can be off the rack or custom made. It’s completely up to you! Bella Rose Pageantry does allow bling, jewels, and lace in limitation. Please keep it age appropriate. GLITZ WEAR IS NOT ALLOWED. No cupcake dresses or anything you see on TV pageants. Formal wear MUST be knee length or longer for participants ages 10 and older. Please contact director if you need examples of appropriate clothing.

Mandatory Casual wear outfits for all ages can be any age appropriate outfit reflecting a fashion style.


Parents and guests can dress casual but in good taste. Please keep in mind; you are representing your child.